Cracked Minecraft Launcher Builds

Since Mojang/Micro$oft has completely shut down the old Mojang authentication system, Minecraft is pretty much dead to us. We don't want to migrate to Micro$oft accounts. Sadly, most launchers block the use of offline accounts without first authenticating with an M$ account.

Thankfully I have the perfect solution for you. I have patched and compiled a couple of launchers for your enjoyment so you can enjoy Minecraft again, that is, if you can find a cracked server that is fun to play.


PrismLauncher 7.1 source code cracked with custom-yggdrasil patch
PrismLauncher 7.1 Windows x64 Qt6 cracked with custom-yggdrasil patch
PrismLauncher 7.1 Windows x64 Qt5 cracked with custom-yggdrasil patch


How to patch the launcher manually

At the time of writing (2023-02-21), the polymc-remove-drm.diff patch works for both PolyMC and PrismLauncher.

First clone either PolyMC or PrismLauncher git repo by running one of the following commands:

git clone
git clone

Download the patch and execute the following command in the git-cloned repo of either PolyMC or PrismLauncher:

git apply polymc-remove-drm.diff

There's also another patchset from Unmojang that allows you to use set custom yggdrasil URLs for authentication within PrismLauncher/PolyMC. I made a convenience patch custom-yggdrasil.diff you can apply alongside the polymc-remove-drm.diff patch. Do make sure to check Unmojang for updates because the custom yggdrasil authentication mods are far from perfect still, so hopefully the situation improves.

Honorable Mentions

Tom's MultiMC fork

Tom from Nuegia has forked MultiMC a few years back due to the controversy of MultiMC not allowing cracked accounts as well as MultiMC containing Google analytics. Tom has removed both anti-features in the fork.

Sadly, Tom's MultiMC fork is not maintained and is lacking behind in all the great functionality that has been added over the years in PolyMC/PrismLauncher.