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hewo :3
i'm Kayden, a dog on the internet. check out my cool stuff:

what's your problem?

i'm a gay & genderfluid nerd from southern california. i lurk around on the fediverse whenever i'm bored, and work on various software development projects. i have a github, though you are free to contact me for collaboration.
i also have an interest in music and am learning the piano.
i'm open to contact anytime :)

i run UNIX.dog , a pubnix for queer furries :3

contact info

You can usually find me as nullobsi on other sites.
Please contact me via XMPP at nullobsi@unix.dog or via Telegram at @nullobsi.

I am also available via email at me@nullob.si. If you need a secure communication channel, please use either OMEMO with the following fingerprints:

79A32395 0F2C08F4 321B5248 E7D3613E 1DAD2348 25B9914A DF2F96A6 6378284F
33B79536 7C3DDA96 7CFD597A 9D1E938C A6731DF9 FEC8B22C 2B6432B1 9F4A2602

or use my PGP key:

pub   ed25519/933A1F44222C2634 2021-11-05 [SC] // YubiKey 5C
      Key fingerprint = EAAC 1F70 1A83 BED2 88D0  64DC 933A 1F44 222C 2634
uid                 [ultimate] Kayden Tebau (nullobsi) <me@nullob.si>
uid                 [ultimate] Kayden Tebau (nullobsi) <nullobsi@unix.dog>
uid                 [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 3850]
sub   ed25519/A3BDA3CE41224079 2021-11-05 [A] // YubiKey 5C
sub   cv25519/1F0BCBA69E7D974D 2021-11-05 [E] // No attestation
sub   ed25519/342661C4F68CD06D 2021-11-05 [S] // YubiKey 5
sub   ed25519/A8D4B4605B45B7FF 2021-11-05 [A] // YubiKey 5

These PGP keys (with exception of the encryption subkey) were generated on YubiKeys. The attestation files can be found in the green comments, and needed certificate chain here:
Yubico PGP CA
YubiKey 5 Attestation Certificate
YubiKey 5C Attestation Certificate