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Hi! I'm Sam. :3

I'm a fluffy grey spotted lynx and you've found my furry capsule! I've got another personal capsule, but honestly I take myself too seriously on there and it's pretty boring. This capsule is way more exciting. It's where I put my random writings! Stories, fanfiction, weird rants, whatever. Whatever I write in the spur of the moment and want to have eyes on.

Please note I do nothing here with any degree of professionality. I want to get good at writing, this is where I'm going to do it! >:3 Basically nothing is going to get more than a first draft, is what I'm saying. I still hope you enjoy it, though!!


2022-11-10 Brick

2022-11-09 Knock

2022-11-08 Cold

2022-11-08 DISCLAIMER