Welcome to Zifaen's website!

Hi I'm a little furry skunk on the Internet space.
My name is Zifaen and i'm a friendly furry from Poland.

I like simple stuff, like terminal tools, free open source programs and simple services.

Feel free to contact me and say hi!

Mail zifaen@unix.dog

XMPP zifaen@unix.dog

Telegram @zifaen

Discord @zifaen

Matrix @zifaen:bark.lgbt

My sonas and their short story.

Zifaen and Amy are the second class characters NPCs in 1980s RPG game, that game developer created. Bunny Amy as first found that they are in the low performance a bit bugged game. She said that to her skunk friend Zifaen and they both went to explore the world, they found the end of the map, and that they can exploit it by finding the core of the game code, to break the game. [...] They both crashed developer's project, falling into the roots of the computer.