For some reason, I got an idea for a hybrid of Call of Duty and Battlefield’s class systems, somewhat inspired by COD WW2’s “Division” system. It is probably very dumb, but I wanted to throw it out to see what people thought about it.

Wait, what the hell are you talking about?

Call of Duty’s classic Create-A-Class system features a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, two types of grenades, and three “perks” that give your character extra abilities. Instead of starting from a specific role, you build out your class based on how you want to play. On the other hand, Battlefield is famous for its distinct class roles: the weapons and equipment that you can use depend on what predetermined class you pick. However, there is still a lot of flexibility within said classes – the classes just give each player a distinct “role” in combat that they can then customize however they wish. I thought it would be cool to combine the best of both worlds – the deep customization of Call of Duty and the distinct “roles” of Battlefield.

Turns out, a Call of Duty game already tried this: WW2. Its Create-A-Class system is very unique as, for the first time in COD’s history, segments its classes into distinct roles called “Divisions”. Divisions give players unique perks that can’t be found elsewhere, such as additional attachment slots for weapons, firing weapons while sprinting, being immune to location-revealing killstreaks, and additional grenades, among other benefits. While this did shake up the formula, many COD players disliked the Divisions system due to how much it railroaded players into “choosing” the playstyle they wanted instead of building the entire class class around a certain playstyle.

Here is how I would fix COD WW2’s Division system:


First, divisions will now have two unique abilities instead of up to four. The divisions featured and their unique abilities (which will be dubbed “Proficiencies”) are as follows:

  • Infantry

    • Weapon Proficiency - Aim Down Sight time is reduced, and you move faster while ADS’d

    • Skill Proficiency - You can sprint faster and for longer.

  • Armored

    • Weapon Proficiency - You have more reserve ammunition for your primary, and you are better at controlling recoil.

    • Skill Proficiency - You are less affected by tactical equipment.

  • Mechanic

    • Skill Proficiency - All deployable equipment has more health / lasts longer, and you are also less effected by lethal equipment.

    • Equipment Proficiency - You spawn with two lethal equipment instead of one.

  • Scout

    • Skill Proficiency - Your footsteps are quieter, and you walk and crouch walk faster.

    • Equipment Proficiency - You spawn with two tactical equipment instead of one.


In COD WW2, perks were specialized between “Basic Training” (general perks) and “<division name> Training” (perks only available to that division). To make the perk system more flexible, there will instead be three perks: two regular “Perks” and one “Specialization”, which is a major perk specific to that divison.

Here’s a list of all basic perks:

  • Tier 1

    • Slight of Hand - Quickens reloads and weapon swapping.

    • Warlord - Both of your weapons feature one extra attachment.

    • Sonar - Enemies shot by you update live on the minimap for one second.

    • Stealth - Enemies cannot see “skulls” created by you killing an enemy, and your nameplate is only visible from a short distance.

    • Backup Mags - Extra reserve ammo for pistols (and guns with the same ammo as your pistol)

  • Tier 2

    • Hardline - Killstreaks require one less kill, and Scorestreaks require less points.

    • High Alert - Get an indicator on your screen when an enemy not in your field of view is looking at you. Is nullified by Ghost.

    • Commando - Melee is faster and reaches farther.

    • World Series - Use equipment faster and throw grenades farther.

    • Streakalicious - You can take four killstreaks.


Specializations are unique perks that allow you to, well, specialize a division to your preferred playstyle. Here’s a list of all specializations:

  • Infantry

    • Overkill - Carry a primary weapon as your secondary.

    • Double Time - Sprint even longer, and fire after sprinting faster.

    • Quick Fix - Health regeneration is quicker after killing an enemy.

  • Armored

    • Stopping Power - Increased damage range and bullet penetration.

    • Rambo - Increased hip fire accuracy and hip fire recoil control.

    • Scavenger - Ammo from dead enemies can be collected.

  • Mechanic

    • Kaboom - Increased blast radius to your explosives, and more ammo for launchers.

    • Resupply - Non-deployable equipment regenerates after 30 seconds.

    • Cyber Eye - See nearby equipment and killstreaks through walls.

  • Scout

    • Dead Silence - Footsteps are barely audible, and reloading is quieter.

    • Ghost - Be invisible to equipment and recon killstreaks.

    • Steady Aim - Less flinch when shot, and less idle sway when ADS.

Optional Components

The following is a little over-complicated and thus is probably better suited to its own game or Ground War.


I will be using the equipment setup from MW19 onward: you will have a “lethal equipment” slot for things that go boom or otherwise deal damage to enemies and a “tactical equipment” slot for things that give you an edge in other ways such as screwing with your enemy’s vision or revealing enemies through walls.

Your division determines what equipment you can use. Here is a list of all equipment, with which divisions can access it marked:

  • Lethal

    • Frag Grenade (I,A)

    • Semtex (I,M)

    • Claymore (M,S)

    • C4 (A,S)

    • Molotov Cocktail (I)

    • Cluster Mine (A)

    • Sentry Turret (M)

    • Throwing Knife (S)

  • Tactical

    • Flashbang (I,A)

    • Stun Grenade (I,M)

    • Smoke Grenade (A,S)

    • Snapshot Grenade (M,S)

    • Stim (I)

    • Gas Grenade (A)

    • Shock Stick (M)

    • Heartbeat Sensor (S)


The weapon classes that you have access to depend on your division as well. All divisions have access to assault rifles, pistols (secondary), and melee (secondary). Here are the other weapon classes that each division has access to:

  • Infrantry

    • SMG

    • Shotgun

  • Armored

    • Shotgun

    • LMG

  • Mechanic

    • Shotgun

    • Launcher (secondary)

  • Scout

    • SMG

    • Sniper Rifle

So yeah! If you have any suggestions or comments on this, feel free to let me know. I’m sure this isn’t perfect lol. Just had a thought and wanted to hash it out real quick. Happy New Year!!