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Kuruxi's UNIX.dog page


Hallowww!!! Welcome to my little page!
I enjoy web development and just messing around with computers really. Along with drawing.

I am running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on a little Le Potato [AML-S905X-CC] and I am working on getting a chat script linked to my little page here, for fun.

I can be found as Kuruxi on FurAffinity and I recently started playing that MUCK text based game thing called Furry, or something kinda called that. Still waiting to be registered there.

I am always open to talk about web developing, vintage computers/software, computer boards, linux and all that so if you would like, contact me! Theres not to much of a reason to at the moment but if you would like to just say hi thats fine!

Got this page started!