Welcome to Wiikifox's den

A small place to relax in the internet

Who am I?

I'm Wiikifox! A geek furry with passion about computers and art :3 I suck at talking about me, so I'll just leave my contact info down here so you can get to know me yourself :P

  • E-Mail: wiikifox@unix.dog
  • XMPP: wiikifox@unix.dog and wiikifox@derg.rest
  • Fedi: @wiikifox@unix.dog
(Yeah, I have a lot of stuff under unix.dog)

Also, I'll leave some personal info over here

  • Sexuality: Cisgender, straight and male
  • Birthday: 2009-03-01
  • Country: Cuba
  • Likes: Computers, Videogames, Synthwave, Pixel Art, Foxes, Software Freedom, Privacy (and a lot of stuff I don't remember)
  • Dislikes: DRM, Proprieary Software (and another bunch of stuff I don't remember either)
By the way, I have a small Gemini capsule where I post some stuff sometimes. It's probably worth to check it out ;3

Some of my friends' websites :3

Tom: A cute and cuddly drake with a really nice website
Kittynunu/Dolphinana: A FLOSS advocate kitty


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