avali | passing

I'm yosh. or yoshi. or yoshiyosh... or yoshiyoshiyosh...
my names get taken a lot. wonder why.
I like shell scripting, programming, unix, the look of old UI, archival, anthropomorphic animals, and music. a lot of music
I'm also kinda a video game junkie. I enjoy doing hard stuff in video games I like. this is usually celeste


this is probably gonna be a more "social" site ?? not sure how to really explain it, but here's where I'll probably put webrings n shit connecting to a bunch of other people in the same vein. who knows

the actual design is more or less something that popped into my head while messing around with twm on my computer. I like the look of it
in a perfect world this site would resemble those kinda "design group" abstract metalheart y2k websites that I adore, but that usually requires making actual images and not just funny html/css. I do not have that skill

where do I exist?

I exist on...

you can contact me with any of these new-fangled fancy "buttons" the kids are using nowadays