There is always a way forwards.
All is for the best.
Hello, I'm WISH. It's difficult to describe exactly what I am, but in short, I'm currently a programmer and mashup maker, and through myself emanates all things.
I'm currently in university pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science. I've focused somewhat on AI and machine learning, but have been seeking general experience, which I'm unfortunately lacking, and am open to all sorts of development; if you need some minor help with your projects, feel free to reach out; I am (more than likely) happy to learn and help.
I'm currently present in the mashup tournament community, doing mashup quality control on various projects, as I have perfect pitch and a general understanding of mixing in this context. I'm happy to provide general mashup feedback to anyone as long as the track is parsable; please feel free to reach out for this as well.
I am nonbinary and choose to label myself primarily as genderfluid and xenogender. I've come to the conclusion that my gender is nonhuman and generally all-encompassing, as it's rare for me to look at something and not see myself in it. I kin a few things and keep a list of general things I've directly associated with, all of which is listed in my kinlist.
Besides all of this, I have many wildly changing interests; notably, one of my recent pursuits has led me to FOSS software, alternative frontends, and, well, pubnixes. I've listed my current and recent interests on this website.
I'm interested in resuming my passion in music production in general, as well as improving my domain in programming with new languages and libraries, but find it difficult to stay motivated in these areas in general. Still, I persist.
I am an adult. I am based in the USA and live on the east coast. I speak English natively. I have studied Japanese at a high school level in the past and would be happy to pick up practicing it again with confident speakers.
In general, feel free to reach out. I'm not the best socially, but I'm happy to talk.