There is always a way forwards.
I've got a number of interests I'm varying degrees of passionate about. Here's a rundown of what to expect from me as I currently am.
Rhythm Games
Rhythm games are most likely one of my special interests. I'm mainly active on BMS (beatoraja) these days, but I continue to keep tabs on Quaver (Necross), where I mostly have a history with 4K.
Modded Minecraft
I've recently begun to follow modded Minecraft quite closely. I'm not too active currently, but I'm trying to get into Vault Hunters and Nomifactory CEu while it stands, while playing various kitchen sink packs on the side.
Mashup Tournaments
Less active of an interest for me now, but I've grown to enjoy the community. I help with mashup quality control for various projects and occasionally make mashups of my own, namely for There Is No Tournament Name: Null and Void.
Fortnite: Battle Royale (and other shooters)
I enjoy how technical Fortnite can get with its building mechanics and grind it with some focus. I enjoy shooters with fast and interesting movement, which led me to Source engine bhop and surf for a while. I am currently looking for accessible Quake-likes to play with my friends.
I currently follow Formula 1 closely, where I'm a fan of the McLaren and Mercedes teams, but I'm also passively interested in FIA WEC, FIA WRC, and NASCAR. I follow sim racing and Forza Horizon casually.
The kind that's called "soccer" in the US. A passive interest of mine. I mainly follow Serie A, mainly Inter and SSC Napoli (I was in Naples to see them celebrate the club's championship title, which is what got me interested in the first place), but have been paying attention to MLS as well.
Guidelines Tetris
Something I revisit every once in a while. I mainly play on TETR.IO, focusing on improving my singleplayer scores, but occasionally dip into ranked when I have the motivation to truly grind out the game.
Traditional Fighting Games
Something I continue to care about in passing. I have been mostly keeping tabs with King of Fighters XV and Skullgirls as of recent, mostly playing with friends.