There is always a way forwards.
To some extent, kinning is spiritual for me; I've grown very attached to my closest kins, as they've become a staple of my identity online and my presentation in friend circles to an inseperable degree. It's through kinning that I understand how my identity works, in that it is highly multifaceted and incapable of self-limitation; as in, I will associate with almost anything.
Serperior [Pokemon]
Ralsei [Deltarune]
?/Hatena [pop'n music]
grounding links
Identity (the concept)
Void [OC by dreamingFIFI]
DXO [OC by Jestworks]
Vice [Kamen Rider Revice]
Animatic [Animatic Battle]
Tele-Vision [Excess Content Tournament]
Smeargle [Pokemon]
fleeting thoughts
Submechanophobia [PRIZM]
Mothman [There Is No Tournament Name]
RWQFSFASXC [Five Nights at Freddy's]
Hydron [Red Earth]
Mimikyu [Pokemon]
THE DISCHEAD [Madeon x The Architects]
Slumber [Fortnite]
Primal Stink Bow [Fortnite]
Every species of Pokemon, categorically
Every genus of animal, categorically
When I first made this site, I originally tried making a long list of characters I find gender in that I formerly kinned or stated at some point to find gender in as a substitute for the longer kinlist I used to have, but I gave up on that because that was way too long. I feel like that should say something about me.