Welcome to UNIX.dog!

UNIX.dog is a public UNIX server for dogs and by dogs. We aim to provide a welcoming space for furries, queer folks, and their allies to hang out, create, and communicate! Registration is open!


We provide a public server running Gentoo Linux for use by our members. You get a webpage under unix.dog you can fully customize, and a working email you can send and receive from. We also provide more services—check the link at the top :3
Happy barking!
Server specifications:

  • Contabo VPS
  • 6 cores
  • 16GB RAM
  • 400GB Storage
  • IPv6 Connectivity

Of course, all resources are shared between users. Be courteous and respectful of everyone's experience :)

Don't forget to join the XMPP MUC to keep in touch :3
If you don't have XMPP, you can get an account by registering on any server, including this one.


UNIX.dog provides many useful services to promote a healthy federated sphere. XMPP, EMail, and Akkoma are provided to all registered users. If you have a suggestion for a service, please email alpha at this domain; we're interested in hosting more useful services for everyone! See the services page for a better overview of all the services provided.


UNIX.dog is created by Citlali (nullobsi) with help from ~keith. We're funded entirely out of pocket, but if you like these services, pay it forward! Donate to your favorite charity and support the causes you believe in.

This server is also reachable via Tor, I2P, and Yggdrasil networks. The Tor address is unixdoggmgze3fd5hzkqz43izjgxyupjnqsptke53qrcbhl624d7xcyd.onion, the I2P address is i2pdog7zywdhbtoxf36zqawbvhvucgnwotgjshwnvcjkwrvrahva.b32.i2p, and the Yggdrasil address is 200:9ab4:427b:6860:5f2b:7e58:741a:115d (or simply y.unix.dog).

If you do want to donate, you can do so via XMR or BTC:



Made with love <3 (and fur) by
Citlali del Rey (nullobsi)

Contact & Rules

The UNIX.dog rules are to be followed for all users on the pubnix. That being said, I am a single person who also has a life and I cannot be on top of everything 100%.

I assume good faith, and you should too! For any abuse complaints or administrative communication, please reach out to one of the admin's XMPP address (currently: nullobsi@unix.dog) or to the admin email, alpha@unix.dog.

Also feel free to contact as a user for any suggestions or complaints about another user. UNIX.dog wants to be a welcoming environment, and communication is one of the best ways to reach that goal.

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