UNIX.dog Services

UNIX.dog provides a bunch services for dogs >:3. Most services are hooked into LDAP and use the same username and password you registered with.


An SSH shell is provided for all registered users. You can use the SSH shell to store files and create your webpage! :)

The host keys are published under DNS and are as follows:

256 SHA256:cnAVPz7z2ZZUUqzXmoTNQ58QSZ8eH0NC0C6B93u7Ai4 root@woofer (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:HxDZv8mvpbimMzamM2L+fJ+R2sv0P3jehklfrxqz8QM root@woofer (ED25519)
3072 SHA256:1BH7BPNlROWxh+4/LttipJQFLps+J51IHRn+f6j+tVI root@woofer (RSA)

File sync (Nextcloud)

Nextcloud is a FOSS, federating cloud drive platform with support for messaging, web calendar and contacts management, and more. It is available at cloud.unix.dog, and you can log in with your UNIX.dog account for 10GB of storage :3

Social (Akkoma)

Akkoma is a federated social media platform, forked from Pleroma. It can communicate with other instances running Mastodon, Misskey, Friendica, and more. Check it out at akko.unix.dog.

File upload (IPFS Pinning)

A custom-build IPFS remote pinning service is available at UNIX.dog. You can check it out a u.unix.dog. Also, it works as a simple cURL or online file uploader; you don't need to use a local IPFS node :)

Messaging (XMPP)

XMPP is a federated IM protocol. UNIX.dog uses ejabberd, and you can connect to it using a client of your choice. A web client is also provided at xmpp.unix.dog. Check out xmpp.org for more information, and join discuss@muc.unix.dog for a UNIX.dog chat. Your JID should be username@unix.dog.

Voice chat (Mumble)

Mumble is a free VOIP software that you can download from mumble.info. You can join at chat.unix.dog.


Classic EMail is also provided. You can connect any standard email client to smtp.unix.dog and imap.unix.dog using your credentials to access your inbox. The server also provides sendmail over SSH, and your mailbox is located at ~/Mail, so you can use neomutt or another terminal client of your choice.
Webmail is provided at mail.unix.dog.

Git hosting (Forgejo)

Forgejo is a simple git host. It is hosted at git.unix.dog and should automatically import your SSH public key in the LDAP directory. Please keep in mind that Forgejo applies changes from LDAP every 24 hours, so you may not immediately get an account. SSH and HTTP push/pull is completely supported.

Static webhosting

Files under ~/public are hosted at unix.dog/~username. A list of user websites can be found here.

Gemini hosting

You can also host gemini pages under ~/public/gemini. UNIX.dog runs the Molly-Brown server, so all pages are hosted under unix.dog/~username as well. :3