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April Maintenance

Posted Fri, 29 Mar 2024 18:42:54 CDT. Download PGP signature.

Hello barkers,
The server will be under maintenance next week on April 5th. I'm aiming
to start at 14:00 PST, and should be done not too long after that.
That's 2024-04-05T14:00-08:00.

Thank you!
~ Citlali (wruff)

February Maintenance

Posted Thu, 15 Feb 2024 13:50:42 CST. Download PGP signature.

Wrrrruff! The server is going to be rebooted on Friday, February 23rd,
at approximately 16:00 PST. That's 2024-02-23T16:00-08:00. As
preparation, I will begin emerge updates and syncing.

Thank you!

~ Citlali

Contabo Maintenance

Posted Tue, 26 Dec 2023 23:04:13 CST. Download PGP signature.


Contabo has notified me that on Friday, 29th December at 19:00 UTC+1
there is required maintenance on the VPS. Contabo estimates 45 minutes
of downtime.

That's 2023-12-29T18:00Z, or 10AM US Pacific Time.

Thank you!
~ Citlali

November Maintenance & Small Updates

Posted Thu, 09 Nov 2023 16:24:54 CST. Download PGP signature.

Hi woofers!
This is a short announcement to let you know that
the server is going to be shutdown for some maintenance.
I will be updating packages and rebooting, in addition to
creating another latest sysroot backup and snapshot
for emergencies. This comes a bit later than last time,
i've been a bit busy with my classes ;p

This will happen around 2023-11-17T12:00-0800. That's
next Friday on the 17th, at around noon PST.

We also have a slightly updated user list, which now
shows links to user's web or gemini pages and detects
if they exist. It was made with some help from ~kind_foxie.

In addition, I plan on installing a fossil VCS server soon.
As always, feel free to reach out and ask about software!

Finally, as a small reminder, we have the UNIX.dog chatroom
discuss@muc.unix.dog on XMPP for general server discussion
or connecting with other doggies :3
I've also made a more general-purpose furry oriented room
at floofers@mux.unix.dog, so join if you're interested x3

Thank you everyone!
~ Citlali (formerly Kayden)

Server Instability

Posted Sun, 01 Oct 2023 03:51:15 CDT. Download PGP signature.

Hello woofers,
Unfortunately there was some system instability tonight
and the server kernel panicked twice and I did some quick
changes to mitigate the issues.

I don't know the original cause. So, I updated the kernel
and also set up a kexec panic handler to let me debug the
issue should it reoccur.

Thanks for understanding. Please let me know if anything
doesn't work right >.<

~ Kayden
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