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November Maintenance & Small Updates

Posted Thu, 09 Nov 2023 16:24:54 CST. Download PGP signature.

Hi woofers!
This is a short announcement to let you know that
the server is going to be shutdown for some maintenance.
I will be updating packages and rebooting, in addition to
creating another latest sysroot backup and snapshot
for emergencies. This comes a bit later than last time,
i've been a bit busy with my classes ;p

This will happen around 2023-11-17T12:00-0800. That's
next Friday on the 17th, at around noon PST.

We also have a slightly updated user list, which now
shows links to user's web or gemini pages and detects
if they exist. It was made with some help from ~kind_foxie.

In addition, I plan on installing a fossil VCS server soon.
As always, feel free to reach out and ask about software!

Finally, as a small reminder, we have the UNIX.dog chatroom
discuss@muc.unix.dog on XMPP for general server discussion
or connecting with other doggies :3
I've also made a more general-purpose furry oriented room
at floofers@mux.unix.dog, so join if you're interested x3

Thank you everyone!
~ Citlali (formerly Kayden)

Server Instability

Posted Sun, 01 Oct 2023 03:51:15 CDT. Download PGP signature.

Hello woofers,
Unfortunately there was some system instability tonight
and the server kernel panicked twice and I did some quick
changes to mitigate the issues.

I don't know the original cause. So, I updated the kernel
and also set up a kexec panic handler to let me debug the
issue should it reoccur.

Thanks for understanding. Please let me know if anything
doesn't work right >.<

~ Kayden

August Maintenance

Posted Sun, 06 Aug 2023 12:55:56 CDT. Download PGP signature.

Hello woofers!!

I will be performing system maintenance which will
involve shutting off the server on Friday, August 11th.

I'm going to create a full system root backup of a snapshot so that
in the event of something catastrophic happening to the VPS, I have
a fully-working systemroot to extract on a new machine to reduce

In addition, I will be performing a routine emerge -avuDN and updating
all the services. It seems that due to some PHP shenanigans Movim is
being buggy and not fully-working, so I'll also attempt to fix that.

Thank you, and remember, keep barking!

WOOF ~ Kayden

May Maintenance

Posted Tue, 23 May 2023 12:55:23 CDT. Download PGP signature.

Hello woofers!

This Friday, 26th of May at 4PM PST, UNIX.dog will be unavailable for
maintenance. I am going to migrate to Postgres 15 and reboot the server
then to ensure all the software works fine, so services might be unavailable
for max a couple hours.

Also, I am going to be removing Keycloak. It was an interesting little
experiment but I believe it caused more mess and confusion than it was

Thank you all!

~ Kayden

Keycloak SSO

Posted Fri, 07 Apr 2023 15:30:20 CDT. Download PGP signature.

Hello woofers!
I'm testing a new thing on the server right now, and I'd like
to know what y'all think of it :3

If you go to cloud.unix.dog or git.unix.dog, you'll see a new
option to "log in with UNIX.dog." This will redirect you to
the Keycloak instance (with some cool custom theme I've made!)
and prompt you to log in through there. Then you won't have to
enter your password again for a little while.

I'm hoping to integrate this into the other services, but it may
be a bit. For example, the Forgejo integration doesn't let me
have LDAP be the user source and OIDC as the authentication source
automatically. But I could also implement it into the SSH server
as another way to authenticate.

It also brings WebAuthn + 2FA to the table. If you go to:


you're able to add either Passwordless Security Key, a 2FA key,
or use traditional OTP generators (this one uses SHA512). This is why,
ideally everything would go through Keycloak so that your 2FA settings
would be respected.

As always, please let me know what you think of this! I'm
happy to hear feedback.

~ Kayden
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