Legacy Service Bridging

UNIX.dog runs a few bridges to other services, documented on this page.

Matrix Bifrost

The ARIA-net fork of Bifrost is set up to provide access to XMPP MUCs and Matrix rooms to users of both services. Use the bridge helper below to quickly get the correct address.

The Bifrost instance on UNIX.dog is set up as follows:

From XMPP, use #roomname#domain@matrix.unix.dog for rooms and username_host@matrix.unix.dog for users.

From Matrix, use @_xmpp_user=40domain:unix.dog for users and #_xmpp_roomname_domain:unix.dog for MUCs.

Biboumi IRC Bridge

Biboumi provides access to IRC networks from XMPP. The component domain is biboumi.unix.dog.

You can connect to IRC channels using the syntax #roomname%domain@biboumi.unix.dog.

XMPP and Matrix Bridge Helper